Speaking Events & Podcasts

Representing the projects and companies I work with is a key part of any communications advisory and outreach strategies. Below is a list of podcasts and speaking events I've participated in on behalf of my clients. 











                           The future of DeFi in Switzerland                                        #CardanoAfricaShow - Led by IOHK                       


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Professional Development & Other Positions

When working in a niche as fast-paced and nascent as blockchain, cryptocurrency and fintech, it's not enough to just be a passive writer. I take a proactive approach to my professional development so your copy is informed and mindful of the latest developments in the industry. Here's a recent list of the courses and conferences I've attended. 


                                                                          The London Blockchain Summit 2019 - A two-day key event on the UK blockchain calendar, here                                                                                  delegates heard from Oracle, MP Margot James, and IBM representatives about the transformative                                                                            power of blockchain. 

Cardano Protocol Ambassador 


Cardano Ambassador Program - Since early 2020 I've been nominated as a content creator for the Cardano protocol, a voluntary position as an ambassador for the blockchain. 

Speaking Events & Podcasts