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Blockchain and cryptocurrency are a particular strength and passion of mine, in which I've written extensively. I also have a strong technical knowledge of how blockchain and distributed ledger technology functions, tokenomic models, utility tokens, security tokens, and other aspects of the decentralized economy. 











Blockchain — The Next Tool for Environmental Custodianship?

Blockchain technology and environmental sustainability are often portrayed as disparate disciplines — but could they coexist? - In: Medium

The Blockchain Institute - Free Blockchain Education for Everyone

A Chicago based education institute has received its 501(c) charity status, offering free courses to developers, blockchain enthusiasts and other distributed ledger professionals...  In: Hackernoon

Who's Snooping on Your Blockchain Transactions?

A deep-dive into true anonymity when transacting on the blockchain, or lack thereof, and a look at ways users can enhance their privacy and shield their identities on the blockchain... In: Hackernoon

Disrupting Trade Finance with Blockchain Technology

‘Disruption’ is a term thrown around aimlessly in the world of blockchain. But there’s one industry which the likes of Deloitte and the WTO agree is ripe for decentralized disruption —and there’s a project migrating to Cardano which may hold the solution... In: Hackernoon

CBOE Pull the Plug on Bitcoin ‘Cash Based Futures’ —and Why this is a Good Thing for Bitcoin.

‘Pull the plug’ is a phrase rarely associated with positive sentiment, but for the Bitcoin market, CBOE’s decision to cancel their Bitcoin futures is far more bullish than it sounds... In: Hackernoon

As Cardano Gears up for Shelley, here’s Three Things You Need to Know (> 7,000 reads)

Shelley’s progress marches on relentlessly. But for the uninitiated, navigating the shift into a new phase of Cardano’s development may appear overwhelming. Here are three key areas you’ll need to know about Shelley, ahead of its release... In: Hackernoon

Tezos – Welcome to Athens, the Birthplace of Blockchain Democracy

Tezos, which is the 16th largest cryptocurrency by market cap, looks set to make cryptographic history with its first round of on-chain upgrade proposals, named 'Athens.'... In: Blokt

The Four Horsemen of the Cryptocalypse

Although the crypto industry is showing strong adoption and development as we start 2019, there’s Four Horsemen of the Cryptocalypse who would rather watch blockchain bend the knee, or bend it to their will... In: Hackernoon

Blockchain Boomers — The Next Wave of Retail Investors?

Among certain internet investment communities, ‘boomers’ have become both an ironic meme, and the struggling millennial's financial bogeymen. But with decreasing barriers to entry, boomers could be about to bring greater prosperity to the blockchain space. For now though, they’re still waiting in the wings... In: Hackernoon

If the ICO Market is Dying, it’s Got a Funny Way of Showing it

The obituaries for the ICO market are pouring in — but as famous Welsh poet Dylan Thomas urged, it’s not looking like ICOs will go to their graves gently... In: The Stockade

Where’s My Tesla? Justin Sun Refuses to Honor Competition Winner

Justin Sun, the Founder of TRON, is facing massive criticism over a 'botched' competition, which saw the winner of a Tesla car publicly announced but then quickly revoked, leaving the winner confused, and others accusing Sun of running a scam... In: Blokt

Ledger Considers Laying Off 10% of Its Support Staff As Production Falters

Ledger, the leading hardware wallet manufacturer, recently announced the potential layoff of up to 10% of its support staff... In: Blokt 

Product Reviews & Guides 

3 Best Hardware Wallets For Storing Bitcoin & Crypto in 2019​

Here is Blokt's top 3 hardware wallets for storing Bitcoin and cryptocurrency safely. A review of each hardware wallet, and an explaination of  what makes them an excellent choice in 2019... In: Blokt

How to Buy Bitcoin in the UK – Top 3 Exchanges

What is the best way to buy Bitcoin in the UK? In this detailed guide, we list all the available options and recommend our top 3 exchanges for buying BTC with GBP... In: Blokt

Eobot – A Crypto Exchange and Cost Effective Cloud Mining Solution

Eobot, is a long-time cloud mining operator and a favorite among cloud miners. Blokt takes a look at why this crypto exchange and cloud mining service has stood the test of time... In: Blokt

Crypto Terminal Releases Its A.I Driven Real Time Intelligent News and Data Platform for Digital Assets

Crypto Terminal uses artificial intelligence (A.I.) to uncover key crypto news, enabling traders to make smarter trades and stay one step ahead in the market... In: Blokt

How to Buy Bitcoin in 4 Easy Steps – The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide [2019]

Our new beginner's guide explains the best way to buy Bitcoin online in 4 simple steps. So where is the best place to get BTC in 2019? Read on to find out... In: Blokt

6 Best Bitcoin Casinos Reviewed [2019] – Bitcoin & Crypto Gambling Guide

A new comparison of the 6 best bitcoin gambling sites. If you love betting and want to use cryptocurrency, check out our extensive bitcoin casinos guide. Bitcoin casinos offer many benefits including greater privacy, fairness, and security for gamblers. Here's our crypto betting guide with reviews of the top 6 BTC casinos... In: Blokt

Company Features 

FunFair Makes ‘Fun’ and ‘Fair’ Gaming Possible With Its Blockchain Solutions

FunFair is set to bring an end to rigged online gambling platforms by using blockchain technology to power fair and transparent casinos. Blokt caught up with FunFair’s CCO to talk about the project and the latest developments in this space... In: Blokt

Storj to Disrupt Amazon, Google and Microsoft, Says Co-founder John Quinn

Blokt recently spoke with John Quinn, Co-founder, and Chief Revenue Officer at Storj, to discuss why decentralization is enabling better privacy and security in cloud storage... In: Blokt

TomoChain, an Innovative Solution Aiming to Solve the Blockchain Trilemma

Blokt reached out to the Tomo team, to discuss their highly efficient blockchain solution, TomoChain, which offers instantaneous transactions and top security features... In: Blokt

Solve.Care, Reshaping the Healthcare Landscape with Blockchain

Blokt reached out to Solve.Care CEO & Founder Pradeep Goel, to discuss why the healthcare industry is ripe for blockchain disruption, and how Solve.Care will be part of that... In: Blokt

DAIHard, the ‘Unkillable’ Ethereum-based Fiat-to-Crypto DEX Announces Its Open Beta on Mainnet

DAIHard is a new decentralized platform which provides users the first fiat-to-crypto gateway/on-ramp which doesn't rely on any centralized parties. The platform is currently in open beta on mainnet... In: Blokt


Interview - Chritiaan van Steenbergen,

An exclusive interview with Christiaan van Steenbergen, CEO and founder of Netherlands based NEXT exchange.. In: Colours Garuda - In flight magazine of Indonesia's national airline. 

Matrix AI Network Are Building the Most Advanced Blockchain to Support AI Growth - Interview with Professor Steve Deng

Matrix AI Network is leveraging the latest developments in AI to create a blockchain capable of overcoming limitations... In: Blokt

Gifto Is Challenging Content Monetization With Its Blockchain Gifting Platform  - Interview with CEO Andy Tian

Blokt reached out to Andy Tian, CEO of Gifto and Asia Innovations Group, to find out what makes virtual gifting such a unique value proposition, and why current monetization models for content creators are flawed... In: Blokt

Enigma’s Privacy Protocol Solves Key Blockchain Issues Preventing Global Adoption - Interview with Tor Bair, Head of Enigma Growth and Marketing

Blokt reached out to Tor Bair, Head of Enigma Growth and Marketing, to discuss the Enigma project and how its protocol is enabling better privacy for the decentralized web... In: Blokt

Ambrosus, the Blockchain-Powered IoT Network for Next-Generation Supply Chains - Interview with CEO Angel Versetti

Blokt spoke with Angel Versetti, the CEO of Ambrosus Global, to discuss the companies blockchain-powered IoT network, and to find out how its multifaceted technology stack is improving smart sensor implementation... In: Blokt

Bluzelle Uses Blockchain Principles to Offer High-Performance Decentralized Storage - Interview with CEO Pavel Bains

Blokt spoke to Pavel Bains, CEO and co-founder at Bluzelle, to discuss why blockchain platforms require efficient decentralized data storage systems... In: Blokt

Nucleus Vision, Using Blockchain and IoT to Bring Valuable Customer Insights to Retailers - Interview with CEO Abhishek Pitti

Blokt spoke with Nucleus Vision Founder and CEO, Abhishek Pitti, to discuss its technology and how it could change the way retailers interact with their customers... In: Blokt - Leading Digital Asset Adoption
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Blockchain Boomers - The Next Wave of Retail Investors?