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Hi, I'm Elliot. But you already knew that, right? It's in huge letters at the top of this page!
I lead and collaborate on PR, communications, and engagement campaigns for some of the largest and most innovative companies in blockchain, including top-5 protocols by market capitalization, Bitcoin banking apps, Crypto-valley foundations and start-ups, and a whole host of other dynamic blockchain projects.

Embedded within teams or providing outside-perspective through advisory roles, I've helped grow projects from pre-launch to over $100,000,000 market cap in a matter of months, helped projects navigate tough times, and more importantly helped them make the most of good times.

As a communications professional, I provide my clients with exceptional long and short form copy, executive thought leadership, content marketing, B2B communications, whitepaper writing, editorial and more. I've been published in a range of mediums, both online and in-print, including tech publications, news websites, in-flight magazines, journal papers, and whitepapers.

Please Note: I am not currently accepting new clients for full-time, hands-on roles. I can however provide advisory and strategy PR services (including press release creation), for budgets starting from $2,000/month - please DM me on Telegram: @Blockwriter for my up-to-date services list.



Crypto Comms | Advisory Roles | Current Engagements

Communications & Advisory ROLEs

Communications Advisor
Partner - PR Strategy
Consultant Comms Director



Content | Articles | Blogs | Whitepapers





Proud to have worked with, featured in, and contributed to...


...and many more ghost writing clients.



Communications Strategy | PR Strategy & Engagement | Thought Leadership

B2B Communications | Editorial | Crisis Communications | Reputation Management

Every project requires a unique approach. I'm always available to discuss project scopes, either via telephone, video meeting, or for large projects, in person. Need me urgently? 24/7 Crisis management comms available, please contact me via telephone.


My technical/software skills include:

Productivity: Slack, Asana, Trello, Microsoft Teams, GSuite, Intercomm, Zendesk, Telegram, Discord

Media production: OBS Studio, StreamYard, YouTube live, + Camera & Audio equipment

CMS: Wordpress, WIX, SquareSpace, Discourse

Markup languages: HTML, Markdown

Content design: Figma, Canva,  


You've heard from me, but what are my clients saying? 

"I've recruited and managed dozens of writers over the past two years and I can definitely say that Elliot has been the most responsive, intelligent, positive, and talented writer I've had the pleasure of working with. Aside from his incredibly smooth and well-researched content, one of the rare and valuable qualities I appreciate most about Elliot is his sound judgment and ability to pick up on every end client's unique needs and nuances autonomously. Elliot has never let me down and he's a true team player - he's grateful for work sent his way and meets rapid turnaround times consistently. I can't say enough good things about Elliot's work and character!"

Dylan Bridger | President & COO of ZenRevenue


"Elliot is a talented, flexible writer with keen attention to detail. He puts great care into his work, whether it's a time-sensitive breaking story or a protocol deep-dive. It's a pleasure to work Elliot, and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a tech-savvy, competent writer in the blockchain space."

Greg Adams | Managing Director & Editor of Blokt




You can also reach me on Telegram: @blockwriter

But, if you've got a project already in mind, fill out some quick details here and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

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